At this point, most of us have tried supplements to help us with our well being, specifically focusing on health aspects like boosting our immune system. Other reasons for taking supplements would be for fitness, to help your body recover from a good workout. 

Many, however, don’t know that supplements have a lot of benefits for mental wellbeing, as well as for your health overall. There are certain ingredients that really help to boost your brain function and reduce signs of stress and depression. 

If you’re looking for herbs/supplements to help you improve your mental health, but not sure where to begin; then you have come to the right place. We have created a simple guide for you on things you need to consider when choosing the supplement for your mental wellbeing. 

Different supplements for mental health

When choosing a supplement specifically to help improve your mental health, you need to understand that by no means this will fix the entire issue you’re dealing with. This is a way that you can help you mind & body to become stronger and healthier each day. 

So, firstly take a look at what the actual supplement can help you with, such as, helping with anxiety, depression, low energy, low mood and low concentration levels. 

You can find this information on the actual product description itself. Many companies like to use these benefits within their products as a selling point, so for that reason, it should be written somewhere obvious.


If the product does not mention any mental health benefits, you can check the actual label for the ingredients. You want to look out for ingredients listed out below:

  1. Rhodiola (Rhodiola rosea) - helps with reducing symptoms of depression & improve response to stress
  2. Saffron - is an ingredient that’s packed with antioxidant compounds & has previously shown to be a great natural treatment for depression
  3. Omega-3 fatty acids - this is an essential ingredient that we should get from our diet & it has shown to be a great help with depression in some of the conducted studies
  4. NAC (N-acetylcysteine) - is another important antioxidants, which is crucial to have within our diet and the benefits have shown to help treat symptoms of depression
  5. Vitamin D - is a critical nutrient that plays numerous essential roles in your body, and helps to improve mental health like reducing signs of depression
  6. B vitamins - is a vitamin that helps a lot with controlling our mood

There are many more other ingredients like Zinc and S-Adenosylmethionine (SAMe) that will help to improve your mental wellbeing, so do check out the article by Healthline, which goes into more detail regarding each element here

Picking the right supplement for you

Before buying any supplement it is advisable to speak with your GP or a nutritionist, to understand what your body is lacking. We have written more around this in one of our other blog posts talking about what vitamins does your body needs

However, if for example you know that you are suffering with high anxiety levels and low mood on daily basis then you want to find supplements that target those issues specifically. 

Here at Internal Youth we always talk about finding only natural supplements, especially when you are taking them for your mental health. This way you will avoid having many side effects when trying new herbs. 

When for example you’re looking at one of our supplement products like the Turmeric Capsules With Black Pepper, you will straight away see in our product description the amazing organic ingredients it contains. It has Vitamin D, C & Zinc, which are amazing for reducing signs of depression and anxiety. 

Other ingredients include Turmeric, Ginger & Black pepper, which are all great ingredients for reducing inflammation that can be caused by suffering with mental health problems. 

Start improving your mental health

If you haven’t already been taking supplements specifically for your mental wellbeing, then this is your time to start now. It is really important that each one of us takes care of our health when it comes to body & mind. Taking supplements is just another way for us to care for our well being and give our body vitamins it’s lacking. 

If you’re still unsure to as what supplements you should take, speak with our team regarding our natural health products.  

November 28, 2021 — Nadya Valova