Using fat burner capsules alone may not be the most effective way to burn calories, but when combined with regular exercise and a light diet plan, they can increase how quickly you achieve your weight loss objectives. 

Are fat burner supplements safe? 

Many companies in this space use safe ingredients and manufacture their fat burner supplements in GMP Certified facilities and are ISO9001:2015 certified companies. However there are many companies who have these accreditations but use unsafe and untested ingredients. 

So it is definitely worth doing some light research and checking that there are no illegal or unsafe ingredients as well as no “proprietary blends” which are a bunch of ingredients blended together and the label not declaring how much of each ingredient is in there. 

When you do find a suitable fat burner supplement however, the best thing about using them is that you can get results even faster than if you were only exercising or only following a diet plan because these pills work by stimulating your metabolism and some even help to suppress your appetite. This means it’s even easier to maintain a calorie deficit as you’re less hungry!

What are fat burners and what do they do?

You have seen the commercials. You’ve read about them on blogs, in magazine articles and online posts. People are always talking about fat burners! But what do they really do? 

So many people lean towards extreme diets or other weight loss methods that might not work for everybody because it is difficult to find a “one size fits all” approach when it comes to weight loss. 

However, adding a good fat burner supplement alongside your diet and/or fitness programme can help give you the extra push towards losing those stubborn extra pounds. This is not to say that all fat burners are guaranteed to help you, but finding one with the right mix can definitely assist you. 

These magical pills can be taken as needed and can actually speed up your metabolism, increase the amount of calories you burn throughout each day and also reduce the amount of fat your body absorbs by over 50%. Our fat burner actually contains 2 ingredients which are proven to help suppress your appetite as well, so not only are you increasing the amount of calories your body is burning, but you also control your cravings and can stick to your diet much easier. 

All  in all this means not only are you getting into shape faster than ever before, but you don’t have to feel guilty for skipping an exercise session one day (not that we would advise this). 


Can anyone use fat burners?

"Burn fat and stay in shape!" You hear these words on every health advert. But, what are the potential side effects? Do they have any effect at all?

The most common side-effect is getting headaches or feeling nauseous and this can be because of the overuse of stimulants in some fat burner supplements. Another common side effect is needing to go to the toilet for a bowel movement soon after taking them, however this can be a sign that the supplement is working. 

It’s important NOT to take them if you're pregnant or breastfeeding as there could be some major complications with that situation too!

Can you take them for a long period?

The idea is that once you reach your target weight there's nothing to say they can't be stopped. But if it takes two years and the supplement has no effect then clearly it's not working for you!

We would advise taking a tolerance break for 3-7 days every 2-4 weeks so that your body doesn’t become completely reliant on them. This should help you get the best results. 

Generally speaking monitor for how long you have been taking the fat burners and if you have been consistent with them. If results are not showing and you know that you haven’t been taking them consistently, then that could be why. Try to stick to the advisable amount as closely as possible to see the best results. And for the best results to occur, it would be ideal to combine taking a fat burner supplement with regular exercise and a calorie deficit diet (eating less than your RDA of calories - for men is 2500 and women is 2000).  

How to choose the right fat burner pills?

Here at Internal Youth we only promote & advise sticking to the most natural supplements. These have by far less side effects and giving your body natural health supplements is a better option than artificial or untested synthetic ingredients.  

When searching for the best fat burner supplements you want to ensure they have the following, which our product has:

  • No fillers or binders
  • No illegal ingredients
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • 120 vegan capsules (minimum 1 month supply)
  • Non GMO
  • Gluten free
  • Manufactured in a GMP Certified facility
  • Independently tested for heavy metal and pesticides at a UK based laboratory

Need more help?

Still not sure if fat burner supplements are for you? Feel free to reach out to the Internal Youth’s team and seek advice on what is your best option and which supplements may suit you best.

June 16, 2021 — Nadya Valova