Fat burners are a new frontier in weight loss and health. Many people like myself have already tried taking supplements to help with weight loss, and only a few of them actually worked. 

Overall they can be a great way to ensure that you're achieving your fitness goals and looking good. Fat burners can give you more energy, increase metabolism, provide weight loss benefits, and many other health advantages when combined with healthy eating habits and exercise.

In my experience, fat burners that work well are the ones that have more natural ingredients rather than an insane amount of caffeine. Plus, you are left with fewer side effects. But, let's dive into this in more detail…

What are fat burners?

In simple terms, fat burners are supplements containing particular ingredients such as caffeine and green tea extracts (plus many other ingredients) that help boost your energy, speed up your metabolism and provide other benefits which overall can help you burn fat and lose weight. 

I highly advise looking out for only natural fat burners like the Internal Youth ones. They have by far fewer side effects, and you will see some great results if you take them right. They only use natural ingredients at optimal dosage levels which help to reduce and eliminate pesky side effects like headaches and lack of sleep often experienced when using other weight loss supplements. So this is perfect if your goal is to speed up your weight loss journey.

Is taking fat burners to lose weight enough?

It is true that taking fat burners alone will likely not be enough to achieve your desired fitness goals. You will need to make sure that you keep an eye on your diet and aim to stay in a calorie deficit each day, whilst aiming to do some exercise once a day. As long as you’re staying on the healthy side and keeping active, even if it is just an evening walk around the park, you will be much more likely to see noticeable results from taking fat burners. 

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If you want to see some incredible results, then stick to exercising at home or the gym at least three times a week. Whilst I was taking fat burners, I not only looked after my diet (I wasn’t too strict), but I also went to the gym around 3-4 times a week, and my results were incredible.

My body naturally has a slow metabolism, so just dieting and exercising wasn’t enough for me at the level I was doing, as I wasn’t sticking to a structured meal or gym plan. With Internal Youth’s fat burners, I finally managed to get to where I wanted to in terms of body goals.

I highly encourage you to do the above when taking any fat burners to help you see the best results possible. 

Feel free to contact the Internal Youth team via the website for more information on gym workouts or daily nutrition to help loose weight. 

What fat burners shall I get?

As I keep mentioning, I highly advise looking out for fat burners that have only or mainly natural ingredients. There are a few very common ingredients that most fat burners have that I would recommend avoiding, such as Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) & Higenamine.

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Some studies have shown that they have increased inflammation in bodies, and there has been very little proof of those two ingredients working for helping you lose weight. 

If you look at the ingredients list of Internal Youth’s fat burners, you will see nothing but 100% organic extracts and herbs, such as glucomannan powder, green tea extract and more! This is the kind of ingredients list you want to see when purchasing health supplements. 

So, how good are fat burners for weight loss?

Based on my experience and tireless research into fat burners, they can be as good as you want them to be. Weight loss supplements have many ingredients to help you speed up your metabolism and increase calorie burn through thermogenesis, but the fat burning part will be far more significant if you keep your body active and look after what you eat. 

Look out for fat burners with organic and natural ingredients to help you avoid having side effects like headaches and lack of sleep, as this will only slow down your fitness progress.

Still not sure if fat burners are the right choice for you? Get in touch with the Internal Youth team, as they will be more than happy to answer your questions on the supplement, your exercise or daily nutrition!

August 19, 2021 — Nadya Valova